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PTab Spreadsheet Export-Import Details

What is converted from/to Microsoft Excel:

  • Cell values: numbers (incl. date/time values), texts, Boolean values, error values
  • Formulas containing: numbers, date/time values, texts, Boolean values, errors, +, -, *, /, ^, %, cell references, functions supported by PTab
  • Formats: font (font style, size, color), background color, simple borders, alignment (left, right, center, center across selection; top, center, bottom), wrap text, merge cells, cell protection, basic number formats (number of decimals, thousand separator, currency symbol, text before and after the number), basic date/time formats
  • Row height, column width, sheet names, titles freezing, zoom
  • Outlining
  • Data Validation

Workbook in Microsoft Excel


Workbook in PTab (Pocket PC)



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